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Stainless Steel Teapot - Analysis and Buying Guide - 2022

Whether you prefer green, Earl Grey, herbal or oolong, there's nothing like a hot cup of tea. But, boiling water to make tea can seem like a chore. Tea time just got a whole lot easier with a quality stainless steel teapot.

That might leave you wondering what makes a decent subpart stainless steel kettle, and how to choose one that best suits your needs. With so many options on the market, it can leave you frustrated…and even more in need of a cup of tea!


We've done extensive research to bring you our five best stainless steel kettles, along with a comprehensive guide to tell you everything you need to know about these useful gadgets. So read on and check out our favorite models if you're ready to buy one.


Types of stainless steel kettles

Kitchen kettles are the most traditional variety of kettles. This type of kettle is essentially a container with a lid and spout that is placed on the stove to boil water. Stainless steel kettles with lids tend to be more affordable than electric models and often have a larger capacity. Because they are low-tech, little can go wrong with them, and they can last for decades if you treat them right. On the downside, they generally boil more slowly, and you need to have a stove or other heat source to put them on.


electric tea kettles


With electric kettles you only need one outlet, so they're ideal for places like break rooms or college dorms, where you might want a cup of tea, but don't have a full kitchen. They tend to boil water more quickly than stove models and turn off once they've reached the desired temperature, so there's no risk of boiling dry. Although they are more convenient than kitchen kettles, they do have some drawbacks. For example, they tend to cost more and are more likely to stop working after a few years (as an electrical appliance can, especially with heavy use). They are also available in cordless versions.


Stainless Steel Kettle Considerations

It is important that your kettle has enough water to meet your needs. You'll generally find a kettle's capacity in quarts, cups, or both. It's worth noting that a teapot in terms of measurement is eight ounces (or 0.25 quarts), while an average mug is 12 to 16 ounces. So if a kettle says to boil six cups of water, it may be more like three or four large cups.




The spout of your stainless steel kettle affects how you pour. Longer, thinner spouts generally give you more control over your pour, while shorter, wider spouts can spurt and even spill if you tilt the kettle at too great an angle. That said, kettles with wide spouts allow you to fill them with water through the spout, which is quicker and easier than lifting the lid every time. You will have to decide what matters most to you when choosing your teapot.

boiling rate


How quickly water boils in a stainless steel kettle varies depending on factors such as the temperature of the water when it enters the kettle and the amount of water boiling at one time, so it is impossible to give exact specifications that apply. to all models. But of course some kettles boil faster than others.


When using a stovetop kettle, the speed of boiling depends more on the stove than on the kettle itself, but electric kettles boil faster when they are more powerful. The power of an electric kettle generally ranges from 1.7kW to 3kW, with those around the 3kW mark being labeled "quick boil" kettles that can reach a boil in a minute or so.




Your kettle may be stainless steel, but the handle must not be stainless steel, or it will burn when you lift it to pour the boiled water. Most stainless steel kettles have plastic handles, but some simply have a rubber handle over the top of the stainless steel. Although this keeps the handle cool to the touch, there is a chance that the rubber could degrade over the years, leaving you with an uncoated metal handle... and we've already explained why this isn't ideal. Some kettle handles have an ergonomic grip, to make them easier to hold and pour.




Ideally, your stainless steel kettle should have a hinged lid for easy opening. The ones you have to lift and replace are more difficult, which is a disadvantage if you need to fill the kettle through the lid, rather than the spout. Even better are the lids that open at the touch of a button. You can also find some kettles with lids that stay cool to the touch, which is helpful if you need to boil water more than once in quick succession.



Decide if you want a whistling kettle. Some people find the whistle quaint or useful to let them know when the water inside the kettle is boiling, but others just find it annoying.


Consider a silent kettle. Kettles can be very noisy, especially electric ones with a fast boil time. If the noise puts you off, you can find models designed to boil quietly. Also note if the kettle beeps when the water is ready, which may or may not be a desirable feature for you.

Consider choosing an adjustable temperature model. Some stainless steel kettles allow you to heat water to different temperatures, not just to the boiling point. This is great for tea connoisseurs, because some more delicate teas are best brewed at lower temperatures.


Choose a kettle that is not too heavy for you. You should be able to easily lift and pour it, even when it's full. If you can, it could be dangerous as it is more likely to spill.


Other products we consider

As we researched our top picks, we found other stainless steel kettles that came very close to making the cut. We love the look of the Riwendell Stainless Steel Whistling Kettle's wood-effect handle, and its three-quart capacity is extremely generous. Available in eight different shades, the Creative Home Alexa 3.0 Whistling Kettle is a great choice for anyone looking to add a splash of color to their kitchen. Now some electrical options; The VAVA stainless steel kettle offers variable temperature settings as well as a keep-warm function, and is very affordable considering all these high-end features. If you're looking for something similar but from a well-known and trusted brand, consider the Breville Temp Select Electric Kettle. This model comes with a temperature selection feature, along with a host of other features that make it one of the best kettles on the market.

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