Best Kitchen Apron in India 2023

Kitchen Apron - Analysis and Buying Guide - 2023

No matter how careful you are in the kitchen, spills happen. A kitchen apron is essential if you want to avoid a kitchen-related mess all over your clothes. A sturdy apron can also help protect you from splashes of hot oil and other liquids while simmering. Whether you're a home cook or a professional caterer, the right kitchen apron can keep your clothes clean so you can focus on what really matters: chopping, dicing, and seasoning your masterpiece.

Best Kitchen Apron in India

Anyone can look like a real chef in a good quality apron. There are many styles, shapes, and materials to choose from, so how do you choose? That's where Real Indian comes in. We have selected the best of the rest to bring you this shopping guide with our best recommendations.

Key Considerations

  • Type

Princes are typically distinguished by length, coverage provided, and method of belaying. Here are some of the most common types of aprons available:

Server : These aprons are secured around the waist and cover the lower half of the body, usually to mid-thigh. One is great for a place to quickly clean your hands, but it offers limited protection from splashes and spills. A similar style is the bistro apron, which is longer.

Chef's Bib : These aprons wrap around the neck and can also be tied around the waist for added security. Full body design offers better splash protection.

Cobbler : These aprons offer full coverage for the front and back of the body, but are shorter than bib aprons. Useful for more than just kitchen situations, these aprons are often worn by medical staff and artists.

  • Size

Princes are typically "one size fits all". To help adjust the fit, most professional quality aprons have straps and drawstrings. Check the size chart if the apron you are considering is offered in multiple sizes.

  • Durability

If you want an apron that will last a long time, opt for one with double reinforced seams.

  • Breathing

If you work on a hot grill or in a steamy kitchen, the breathability of the apron is crucial. A waterproof apron is a poor choice for a hot kitchen because the fabric does not breathe. Cotton blends or polyester fabrics are the best options for a breathable apron.

Features of the Kitchen Apron

If you think an apron is just a piece of cloth that covers your clothes, think again. Here are some features you may want to consider while shopping.

  • Material

You'll likely find aprons available in a variety of materials, but the most common options include heavy cotton, blends like cotton/polyester, neoprene, vinyl, and polyethylene. Both vinyl and neoprene are waterproof, and while both are durable, neoprene is better. They are excellent materials that help protect clothing from splashes or dangerous substances. Neoprene is even somewhat puncture resistant. Polyethylene is the least durable material and is often found in single-use disposable aprons.

  • Stain Resistance

Your apron is going to get dirty, but if you'd rather minimize the appearance of stains, choose one made of stain-resistant fabric. Often this includes a coating of some kind to prevent substances from seeping into the material and leaving permanent stains.

  • Machine Washable

This is a crucial feature. Even meticulous cooks will get their aprons dirty at some point. Being able to throw it in the washing machine makes life easier.

  • Straps

Are the straps comfortable? Do they hit the right spots on your body? Check the adjustable straps, especially if the apron only comes in one size.

  • Pockets

Extra storage is always a bonus, and who doesn't love pockets? If you're bringing spices to the grill or want a place to stick your spatula while you wash your hands, get an apron with pockets big enough to fit your supplies.

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