Best TCL TV in India 2023

TCL TV - Analysis and Buying Guide - 2023

When Roku burst onto the TV scene, they practically invented a new product category: the streaming media box. Since then, others have tried to copy its successes, but none have come close to how simple it is for Roku to watch Internet video from the comfort of our televisions. Now, the streaming box giant has taken a big step toward expanding its business model by selling its own TVs with Roku functionality.

Best TCL TV in India

Roku's TV brand, TCL, combines Roku's streaming platform with impressive hardware technologies like 4K resolution and High Dynamic Range (HDR). By unifying the Roku platform and TV into one device, TCL TVs make streaming even easier – all from a single remote.

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Read our TCL TV buying guide to see what separates TCL TVs from the pack, and then check out our recommended models in the table above to determine which one is right for you.

What you'll find (and won't) on Roku TVs

Roku's streaming platform is unique in that it focuses on delivering existing streaming services rather than pushing its own content that's for sale. While Apple TV and Fire TV are designed with the primary goal of selling and renting movies and TV shows, Roku's priority is connecting you with your favorite streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, Crackle, and Amazon Video. Other streaming boxes support the same services, but those apps typically play second fiddle to proprietary apps that generate new revenue for Apple, Google or Amazon.

It's a subtle difference, but many users prefer a streaming platform that is agnostic. Consider the following "bottom lines" when deciding if you're ready to switch to the Roku platform.

What you'll find in a TCL Roku TV :

  • Access to the main streaming video applications.
  • Access to video rentals and purchases from sellers like the Google Play Store and FandangoNOW.
  • Exclusive streaming channels from around the world.
What is not found in a TCL Roku TV :
  • Any iTunes content you've purchased in the past.
  • Aggressive advertising for your content.
  • Full integration with a single company's content and product ecosystem.

Hottest Technology in Television : 4K and HDR

Recently, two exciting new technologies have dramatically changed the quality of television screens: 4K resolution and HDR.

TCL TVs offer 4K and HDR on their biggest (and best) sets, and the improved picture quality is worth every penny, so make sure you familiarize yourself with both features before you buy.

Essential Accessories for TCL TV

TCL TVs are great smart TVs, and we've found the accessories that make the experience even more fun. Please make sure to purchase the following add-ons for your TCL TV.

Wired Headphones

Some TCL TV remotes include Roku's "private listening" feature, so you can plug in a set of headphones and "hush" your TV by directing its audio directly into your ears. Private listening is perfect for times when you don't want to disturb others in your home or just want the best sound for your late-night TV binge.

External Hard Drive

TCL TVs are great with local media, whether it's your personal photo collection, your favorite MP3s, or even your home movies. To unlock the full potential of your TCL TV, grab an external hard drive and load it up with your favorite personal content. (It should be noted that hard drives and solid-state drives work best; flash-based storage such as a thumb drive can be problematic with Rokus.)

The Roku Smartphone App

The Roku available for both iOS and Android, is a virtual remote control. It's ideal for times when you lose your remote or when you prefer to use voice commands instead of navigating through menus.

TCL Television Prices

TCL TVs are some of the most affordable sets on the market, which is especially impressive given that they include Roku's streaming functionality.

When shopping for a TCL TV, keep the following two price ranges in mind.

In this range, expect to see legacy technology perfected: 1080p TVs in smaller sizes. If you are limited by space or just don't need new technologies like 4K resolution, a low-end TCL TV is the perfect choice.

In this range, TCL makes TVs with features that other manufacturers typically reserve for much higher price points, including 4K resolution and HDR. If you need a state-of-the-art TV that's more affordable than the rest by a mile, grab one of TCL premium TVs.


When you turn on your TCL TV for the first time, calibrate the video settings. Most TVs look decent on their default settings, but they don't really shine until they're tuned right. Search the web with your TCL TV model number for recommended settings – remember to always trust your own eyes above all else. Use suggestions from the internet as a starting point, then make adjustments based on your preferences.

Set up a Roku account before your TCL TV arrives. The Roku TV setup process is pretty straightforward, but you do have to jump through a few hurdles when you first turn it on, like creating an account and setting up a credit card for movie and TV purchases and rentals. Set up your account ahead of time so you can start streaming faster.

Connect your TCL TV to your local network and make video buffering a thing of the past. Wired Internet connections are faster and more reliable than WiFi connections, and most TCL TVs have a built-in Ethernet port. Whenever possible, connect your TCL TV to your local network using an Ethernet cable.

TCL TVs allow you to customize the way subtitles and closed captioning are displayed. In the Settings menu, you can adjust the size, color, and background color of the subtitle text to your preference.

The Roku platform has a built-in text-to-speech engine that will read menu items out loud for visually impaired users. To learn more, go to the Roku settings menu and select “Accessibility.”

When you search for shows, movies, or actors on a Roku device, it displays search results from multiple services. This way, you can easily see if a movie is available to stream on Netflix or if it's available to buy on Amazon Video, all at once.

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